Discover Freedom in Nature with OZTent at My Overland Shop

At My Overland Shop, we are proud to represent the renowned OZTent brand, specializing in the manufacture of tents, awnings, awnings and chairs for your outdoor adventures. We are dedicated to providing you with premium quality equipment so that you can enjoy your experiences in nature to the fullest.

Durable and Practical Tents

OZTent tents are renowned for their quality and ease of use. Built to withstand harsh conditions, these tough, durable tents keep you comfortable and protected on the go. From the roomy RV-5 to the compact RV-4, our tents offer reliable, easy-to-pitch shelter.

Versatile Awnings and Awnings

OZTent awnings and awnings are the perfect complement for your campsites. With the innovative Foxwing Awning, you'll enjoy ample shade and protection from sun and rain. These versatile accessories give you extra space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Quality and Comfort Chairs

The chairs are designed with your comfort in mind. With features like adjustable backrests, padded armrests, and heavy-duty construction, our chairs let you kick back and enjoy unforgettable moments around camp.

Hot Sales

Our most popular OZTent products include the RV-5 and RV-4 tents, renowned for their durability and ease of setup. In addition, the Foxwing Awning stands out as one of the best-selling awnings, thanks to its functional design and versatile protection. When it comes to chairs, the King Kokoda Chair is a favorite among lovers of outdoor comfort.

At My Overland Shop, we are committed to your satisfaction and provide you with quality products that allow you to enjoy freedom and comfort on your outdoor adventures. Explore our selection of OZTent products and get ready to live unforgettable experiences in nature.